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Who We Serve

We are based in Edmonton; however, with  advancements in technology it’s easier than ever to work with clients remotely.  We work with clients all across Canada!  Currently, we work with clients in the provinces of AB, BC, SK, ON, and PEI.  We are always accepting new clients!

How We Serve

  1. Full financial planning – This is the cornerstone of our business and is provided for every client no matter how big or small. This is the foundation everything else is built upon.

  2. Investment Management

  3. Insurance and risk management

  4. Tax planning and review of current taxes

  5. Review of your current financial plan, statement and fees with you at no charge of obligation

  6. Education and advice – we are available for client phone calls and emails when questions arise about financial matters

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Are you motivated to improve your financial situation?

How Build Your Financial Plan

We realize that every client financial situation is different and that is why we tailor your financial plan towards your own unique situation. 

When creating your financial plan we follow a very specific process:

Identify your goals and objectives

Gather your financial information

Analyze your financial information

Develop the plan

Implement the plan

Monitor and initiate adjustments as needed

Your plan will focus on these specific areas and answer the following questions:

How We Help You

Retirement Planning

  • Do I have enough money to retire?

  • When can I retire?

  • How do I withdraw my retirement assets in the most tax efficient way during retirement?

  • Has my retirement plan been stress tested with a potential market crash occurring during my retirement years?

Investment Planning

  • Are my assets invested in the right type of accounts for tax efficiency?

  • Is my investment strategy taking into account what type of assets are in my spouse/common-law partner's name currently and during retirement?

  • How do I start investing?

  • What fees am I paying on my existing investments and what service am I receiving for those fees?


Estate & Insurance Planning

  • How will my current assets be taxed on death?

  • How can I protect my assets for the next generation?

  • Will my dependents be OK in the event that I can no longer provide for them?

  • Am I over or under insured right now?

Corporate Investment Assets

  • How do I structure my corporate investments for tax efficiency?

  • How do I redeem my corporate assets during retirement, while integrating them with my personal retirement income stream?

  • How do I pass my corporate investments to the next generation?

Analysing Data

Cash Flow Management

  • Should I pay off my student loans, car loans, line of credit and mortgage faster or invest more?

  • Should I be contributing more into Registered Retirement Saving Plan (RRSP), Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA), First Home Saving Account (FHSA) or Non-Registered accounts?

  • Am I maximizing my possible tax deductions to get more in my pocket?

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